“Our thanks to you for being with us and a truly sincere and inspirational talk today. I really did mean what I said about being the best presentation that we have had in our several years of running the Green Business Platform. I have been fortunate in seeing and hearing many talks and from what I saw today I believe you will be making a powerful impact on many people’s lives. You certainly touched many today.”

“Thanks again for an inspiring talk! Sometimes it takes stepping into a giant’s footprint to make a mere mortal feel like a giant! Today I had a glimpse of the ups and downs (pardon the pun) that you have experienced, and I think you have a lot to share!”

The feedback we received from staff regarding your motivational talk was that they found it very interesting, positively uplifting and practical to relate and apply to everyday life. Molly is an inspiration!

“I’m inspired by your ambitions and zest for life and adventure”

“She engages others with absolute clarity in her thinking and motivates them to believe that what she says is valuable and true.”

“Pragmatic, progressive and persevering are the best words to describe her attitude.”

“Warm, open and humorous best describe her personalty”

“Your presentation was truly inspirational for me… I may not be a mountain climber but your advise and words keep me going every single day! Your presentation has given me the strength to get through a lot of my ups and downs!”

If you are at the point of your life where you just don’t know what road to take next and you need to be inspired, I suggest you book for one of Marlette Hegyi’s talks.

Marlette of Molly and the Mountains fame, is my hero. She’s also my beautician, my inspiration and my mountain biking buddy. She’s the sort of person who can casually mention that she’s trekking to Mount Everest and would you like to come with her in such a way that it’s a no-brainer! “Of course I will come with you” I said, in the blink of an eye.

My company, MetSkill, asked Molly to speak at our year end function in 2014. My employees benefitted from her strong motivational messages and started working towards new goals. Everyone I know who has listened to Molly has gained a new enthusiasm for setting a new path in their lives or reviving an old dream.

So if you need inspiration and motivation along with a few laughs and some truly awe inspiring mountain stories, book Molly to speak for you and your team. You will be on the right path to tackle your own mountain in no time.

Over the years I have had the opportunity of hearing many motivational and inspirational speakers across all spectrums and was privileged to host Marlette Hegyi (Molly) at our last Women’s Day event as one of our key note speakers. Her story is both inspirational and heart wrenching and left all our guests very touched and inspired. She is engaging with her audience and her talk is ‘gripping’ leaving guests wanting to listen to her again and follow her ongoing story on social media. She breaks the mould of the typical motivational speaker and rather inspires her audience with her very real stories which in turn are directly related to each and every one listening to her in their own lives. I would recommend Molly as a speaker at any event at the drop of a hat as she really has something special and different to offer.

Marlette Hegyi was a speaker at our Leadership Summit in 2014. Over 30 of our companies top leaders attended and the theme of the day was “Building leaders through sharing stories”. Marlette shared her story of mountain climbing and the lessons that can be drawn from that into your personal and business life. Marlette is a very authentic speaker. She is so passionate about the topic and thus very engaging. She uses real props, live video footage and pictures to physically and emotionally take you through her experience so you leave with deep understanding and belief. She has an extremely strong mind-set, which is critical in our business and you leave her session thinking that anything is possible. In the same breath she is a Dermalogica brand ambassador and takes this role very seriously which gives her a extra special place in our hearts. We are in an industries that’s largely female dominated and female role models are limited. She is also proudly South African. Therefore she presents something much bigger and makes a real impact and difference. And she does all of this with utmost humility and her snow boots firmly on the ground! I would highly recommend Marlette.

Thank you for inviting me to your talk earlier this week and lovely to meet you. I loved your talk and loved your authenticity. During the talk I actually felt like I was on the mountain with you, shivering at the coldness of your climb. I also felt the audience was spellbound.

Molly at the mountains was truly an astonishing story, of having a dream that can change your world and those around you. It touched me deeply, because it is honest and vulnerable as well as tough and gutsy. It sparked hope and inspired me to pursue the dream woven into my very being…in spite of life happening.

It was really an eye opener that the challenges you faced to get to your Goals are really the same challenges we face everyday, and we tend to shy away from them because most people are not equipped to overcome these challenges and therefore get stuck! It really showed our salesmen that you will face these challenges on a daily basis and it’s a reality and if you are committed and if you are mentally Tuff/fit it can be overcome. You really showed them that life is full of Humiliation, setbacks, heartbreaks, pain, mental blocks ,tragedies and your talk showed us how you had to overcome all these things to reach your personal goals by looking and working past these things day by day and hour by hour and surviving and managing set backs on your way to your ultimate goal! What was very POWERFUL is the message of being a team tied together to reach one common goal and “TOGETHER WE ARE WINNERS” is what really hit home the most seeing that our company commission structures are of such sort that they must achieve the goals as a team and not as individuals. NB; I’ve experienced after your talk that it come up in sales meetings that they mention Quotes from your talk! Like eg:” REMEMBER GUYS WE ARE TIED TOGETHER AND DON’T TRY DO IT ALONE” One guy complained about a rude customer the other guy answered: KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR GOAL AND REMEMBER HOW PEOPLE TRIED TO HUMILIATE MOLLY WHEN SHE WAS PULLING THE TYRE!! I recommend you for any company who are trying to build their sales team into a BOLD and EFFECTIVE sales unit! Thank you and thank you KIM COACH ACADEMY for introducing us to MOLLY!

“Thought it was fantastic I could have listened for hours One of the best talks I have been to”

“Marlette  was simple yet engaging. She came across as real and captivated her audience. She had me eating out her hand and I can just about recall everything that she said”