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The inspirational speaker, the person, the passion

Molly was born at sea level, but has always had her head in the skies, her eyes set on the challenge of achieving the highest altitudes.

When a road trip in the year 2000 culminated in the country of Tanzania, she climbed Kilimanjaro in her jeans, and it sparked in her the desire to summit other peaks including the world’s highest,  Mount Everest.

Molly’s adventurous and tenacious spirit has taken her to some of the wildest and highest places on earth on foot or two wheels. She’s trekked in Patagonia, caught Piranha in the Amazon, hiked the Inca Trail, dived the Barrier Reef, traversed the Via Ferrata in the Dolomites and completed some of SA’s toughest mountain bike events.

Throughout it all, Molly has been challenged not only to reach more exciting and adventurous goals, but also to balance and prove herself in a male-dominated arena. That’s why she doesn’t just simply talk about how to climb a mountain – she’s focussed on using the principles of extreme climbing and sports to create a strategy that works to achieve your very own goals and dreams. Although her achievements are in the area of extreme and male-dominated sports, she is a female professional speaker who brings the softer “heart” approach in both her talks and performance coaching.

Whether she’s a keynote speaker at a large corporate event, delivering personal performance coaching or tackling the next set of cliffs, she delivers thoughtful, inspirational insight that reveals how we can all push our limits and achieve more than we even thought possible.

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