Be entertained, get inspired and achieve more with professional speaker Molly!

Don’t let life, work and fears limit your potential – instead, get out there and make your goals happen! This is the message of inspirational speaker and performance coach, Marlette “Molly” Hegyi. A mountaineer, endurance athlete and motivational speaker, Molly knows just what it takes to conquer fears, break limitations and overcome challenges - and she’s here to help others to achieve extraordinary heights.

Corporate talks and performance coaching filled with adventure from a female professional speaker 

Whether you want to bring your team together, overcome your own limiting beliefs or bring out your full potential at work and at home, Molly can help you achieve it. With entertaining, meaningful stories of her adventurous life, she’s a female professional speaker who is able to effectively communicate vital strategies and lessons to build your resilience, enhance the way you live your life and the way your company does business.

From corporate speaking appointments, performance coaching, workshops and keynote addresses to inspirational talks and team building, you’re guaranteed a memorable, entertaining and inspiring experience with the charismatic and driven Molly.


It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves – Sir Edmund Hillary

A Goal that isn't Set is a Goal that won't be Met – Molly

"When you move closer to your goal, your goal moves closer to you" - Molly

"Change occurs when the pain of giving up on your goal becomes greater than the pain of achieving it" - Molly

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