Dear Everest Sponsors,

With 7 weeks (50 days) to go before leaving for Mt Everest, you can imagine that I am not only excited (and a little bit nervous) for our trip, but also busy with all sorts of preparations (training, eating, networking, promoting, doing talks and so forth).
Thank you very much for your financial or product contribution towards our climb, the team and myself are very grateful.

I would like to update you on what we are doing to thank you for your sponsorship and what plans we have going forward.
Sponsorship of a day on Everest (at R10 000 per day) gives your company the following:

  • Use of your logos on my website www.mollyandthemountains.co.za
  • Your website and/or product mentioned/promoted on our Everest Facebook page – Everest pre monsoon 2015 (we have over 200 followers) https://www.facebook.com/everestpremonsoon2015
  • A motivational talk for your company OR you can nominate a charity I can do a talk for and raise funds for the charity – I available for these talks before we leave for Everest on 27 March as well as when I return
  • Wearing your logo on the day you have sponsored – this means that all photos, blogs and updates to do with that day are linked to your company and it becomes “your day” in all future talks – for example when referring to day 22 Friday 17 April I refer to it as the Serve Alliance day, and all footage from that day will contain the Serve Alliance logo
  • Wearing your logo on the “Everest Challenge 100 000 Stairs of Hope ” which is on the 21 and 22 March – we will be climbing the Westcliff stairs 200 times in 36 hours in collaboration with the Sunflower Fund.  www.facebook.com/EverestChallenge

  • Future plans:

    • I am building a blog on my website (wendy@amoebas.co.za did my website, Thanks Wendy) and will communicate with everyone through the blog – please will you and your employees send me a message on “your” day? This will build your company morale and remind them of being part of something huge and challenging – this links in well with the talks I may already have done for your company (Metskill). The blog will also be used to promote your business and product from the mountain.
    • I am working on radio and magazine interviews, in which sponsors will be mentioned
    • Using social media platforms like twitter and Facebook to continue promotion
    • I am currently planning on entering the public speaking and motivation/coaching field and all future talks will include sponsors logos

    If there is any way I can assist in promoting your brand/product in the next couple of weeks please let me know and send me any associated information such as websites, twitter handles, facebook pages and so forth.

    What I still need:

    • I still need to raise at least R100 000 before 27 March if anyone has any contacts/ideas around this (I’m seeing a potential link between R100 000 and 100 000 stairs?)
    • Myself and the team need food items such as teas, sweets, peanut butter, biltong, royco products, Pringles and the like if anyone has contacts or we can arrange a shopping voucher through any large retailers?

    Thank you once again for supporting this huge adventure and please follow my/our journey over the 64 days from 27 March.
    Kind Regards


    Marlette Hegyi
    Having huge goals in life are not about the goals themselves, but what you have to become in order to achieve them”



    Why Sponsorship?
    What’s in it for you


    Sponsor a day or more than one day of the expedition at R10 000 per day and you/your company will receive the following

    • Multiple marketing opportunities – this involves:
      • The use of your logo and branding on the website and social media used by climbers before, during and after the expedition
      • Use of your logo on the climbing teams gear and clothing – presenting opportunities for your branding to be seen on all photos and videos of the climb during and after the expedition
      • Use the expedition to build your brand and marketing strategy


    • Provide advertising opportunities for your organization, through logo and company name placement in promotional material and equipment – before, during, and after the expeditions


    • Exceptional branding exposure through a network of media contacts
      • Mention of sponsors in all radio, TV and newspaper interviews, photographs and articles as well as on social media
      • Sponsors logos used in talks given by climbers before, during and after the climb
      • Logo and name placement on all e-mail distributions to media and dispatches from Everest


    • Opportunity for Exclusive Naming Rights to  days of the Everest Expedition
      • For each day sponsored you receive:
        • Naming rights to the day (ie. The day eg 6 April becomes the “Prestige” day) and the sponsor is referred to in all talks, communication, dispatches and subsequent events related to their day
        • One motivational talk for your company for the day
        • If you choose not to have the talk for your company (eg in the case of private sponsors) you may nominate a charity and we will arrange a talk for the charity to raise funds for them
        • Your branding will be used exclusively on the day you have sponsored – the more days you sponsor the more visible your branding


    • Maximum brand exposure


    • Dispatches from the mountain posted on internet on multiple websites
      • Dispatches to all social media platforms, blogs and websites.
      • Dispatches refer to the sponsor relative to the sponsored day
      • The sponsor will receive personal and direct communication from the mountain on their day


    • Raise your corporate profile


    • Motivate your employees by supporting an attractive sport activity
      • Get your employees involved in sports and wellness
      • Talks given to employees before the climb will motivate them and get them involved in the build up to the climb which includes training and preparation – help them with goal setting
      • Employees can get involved in activities and follow the climb particularly with reference to your sponsored days, receiving messages for them from the mountain on those days


    • Ensure recognition of your organization as a believer in the power of human potential
      • Build goal setting, motivation and wellness programmes for your employees


    • Provide significant exposure to an audience interested in the fields of exploration, adventure, and physical challenge and healthy lifestyles


    • Be part of something huge!



    What the funds are used for:


    The climb of Mount Everest is at least a sixty-day journey.


    It takes a tremendous logistical effort to climb Mount Everest, which includes (among many other items):

    • A climbing permit from the Government of Nepal
    • Sherpas and porters to carry loads to Base Camp
    • Technical climbing equipment, including ropes, tents, etc.
    • Bottled oxygen above 8,000 meters
    • Food & Communications equipment – from which we will be updating media on our progress and be promoting your brand
    • Two tons of equipment will be sent to Base Camp before the expedition!


    Because of the high cost, we are seeking sponsors and supporters to help our expedition to achieve its goals.

    Corporations may agree to sponsor the climb in exchange for advertising their products and for live presentations and slide shows before and following the expedition as detailed in this sponsorship package.

    Costs involved and payment schedule:
    R50 000 deposit due September 2014
    R400 000 due November 2014
    R200 000 due March 2015


    Bank Details:
    Account name: STANLIB Collective Investments (RF) Limited
    Bank: Standard Bank
    Branch code: 051001
    Account number: 000402184

    Reference: Account # 552186342 – Hegyi



    Sponsorship packages

    Sponsor the FIRST R50 000 and receive the following:


    • First in line to choose the best days in the expedition for maximum exposure
    • First in line to choose position of branding on gear, tents and equipment
    • Your branding and logos will appear on all talks, social media, presentations, emails, and information leading up to the climb (from September 2014)
    • Your organisation will receive  inspirational and motivational talks before the climb of Everest, and after
    • Choose the position you want your branding to appear on climbing gear
    • Use the build up to the climb to motivate and influence your employees
    • Appear on the summit flag
    • Nominate your charity for a portion of the proceeds to go to


    Sponsor A DAY or DAYS of the climb at R10 000 a day


  • Choose a Day or Days of the 64 days climbing Everest and your day gets named after you or your organisation

  • Your branding and logos will appear  exclusively on the sponsored day referred to in all talks, social media, presentations, photos and videos
  • Get your organisation involved in following Marlette and the teams progress on that particular day, creating interest, excitement and motivation amongst your employees
  • A motivational talk for your employees per day sponsored – one talk per day for your organisation before and/or after the climb.


How sponsors have used material in the past:



What do you need to do next?

If you are inspired to be part of something huge please take the following steps:

  • Contact Marlette on marletteh@mweb.co.za
  • Select the days you want to sponsor and/or the sponsorship package
  • Pay the amount into the bank account:


Bank Details:
Account name: STANLIB Collective Investments (RF) Limited
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch code: 051001
Account number: 000402184

Reference: Account # 552186342 – Hegyi


  • Book your motivational talk with Marlette
  • Start getting your organisation involved with the project
  • Watch the marketing campaign associated with your sponsorship package purchased


Thank you
Marlette Hegyi